The Sheep and Their Shepherd

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Lately, I have been doing a study with my ladies group about Psalm 23.  It has been eye-opening to see what all God has revealed to me through studying this on a deeper level. Particularly how God is our Shepherd and we are His sheep.  

There are three main things I have learned so far about the sheep and by extension, myself:

-Sheep are vulnerable.

-Sheep know their Shepherd’s voice.

-The sheep trust their Shepherd enough to follow Him wherever he may lead. 

Sheep are vulnerable.

Aren’t we all vulnerable to some extent?  I know I am.  Vulnerability can sometimes be a hard thing to emulates as it requires first to get real with ourselves and others about what’s really going on in our lives. And sometimes, even be bold enough to be vulnerable with another person-who we may or may not know so well.  Through their vulnerability, sheep also show us gratitude. They are grateful for the protection given to them by their shepherd and because of their trust in him-resulting from vulnerability-the sheep are willing to express gratitude and thankfulness to their Shepherd.

Then we, Your people, the sheep of Your pasture,

    will pause and give You thanks forever;

    Your praise will be told by our generation to the next.

Psalms 79:13 (The Voice Translation)

Sheep know their Shepherd’s voice.

The longer you walk with God and the closer you grow towards Him, the easier it is to recognize his voice. Let me give you an example of this from my own life:

Several months ago, I was given the opportunity to assist in facilitating the ladies small group at my church.  And for anyone who knows me well knows that I am the last person who enjoys public speaking even more so speaking in front of people I already know.  I was so grateful and thankful for the opportunity while also terrified.

But… I know my Shepherd and I know His voice. He kept asking me over and over again in my spirit to step out in obedience and trust him. He has a plan and He knows what he’s doing with it.  And so, oh meet him. I did what He called me to do and I have never felt so encouraged by anything else in my life.

Do you know His voice? If so, are you listening to it?

My sheep respond as they hear My voice; I know them intimately, and they follow Me. 

John 10:27 (The Voice Translation) 


Sheep trust their shepherd enough to follow Him wherever He may lead.

When I think about someone who follow God where He lead him: I think of Abraham. He didn’t know where God would lead him but he followed Him there anyway. I want to be like that. Look how God blessed Abraham through his obedience.  He became the father of many nations.

I will make you extremely fruitful. Your descendants will become many nations, and kings will be among them!

Genesis 17:6 (New Living Translation)

What a blessing it is to trust in Jesus! Thank you Lord for being trustworthy and being our Shepherd.

© 2020 by Andrea Pierce.  All rights reserved.

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